#Countrykids at Wepre Park

Over the past few months I have been seriously considering giving up blogging.  I never seem to find the time to write and the fact I haven’t had any way of writing lately with the ailing laptop then our cracked tab etc etc, it’s just not been coming together lately.  I was all for giving up completely but hadn’t gotten around to writing a blog post about it all when I sat down to get a few things off my chest this week.  That blog post renewed my enthusiasm a little and I am finally sitting down to write what could be me last #CountryKids for the lovely Fiona at Coombe Mill

…ages ago we visited Wepre Park in Flintshire and for some reason we hadn’t thought to revisit until couple of weeks ago.  I wished we’d have been back sooner.  It’s a lovely place for families with a play area, skate park, visitor’s centre and of course, the Deep Dark Woods.  There’s also a stream which the boys love splashing about in.

On this visit there was plenty of squelchy mud which was great because Pooh Bear was feeling a little grumpy but it was nothing a little stomping about in the mud couldn’t fix.






Spud enjoyed a good squelch too…




Scatty Dad was wellyless (as usual) so he wasn’t a big fan of all the mud.  Unfortunately, I remembered too late that there was a mudless path a bit further down.  If I’d have remembered that path sooner, it would have saved me dragging Spud down a muddy hill and almost injuring the both of us.  The path looked OK initially but half way down got a bit too slippy so in a split second decision, I decided it would be safer to run down rather than end up on our bottoms sliding down.  This would have been quite a good idea had I let go of Spud’s hand.




The poor little monkey was dragged down the hill and through a bush with his feet barely touching the ground!  We had a good laugh about it in the end once the shock had worn off.  Still panting from the excitement of it all, Spud said “I was flying Mummy!”.

After that we went to wash the mud off with a paddle in the stream.  Pooh Bear’s bad mood came back and he did not want to get out of the water despite it coming over his wellies and us all having cold feet after ten minutes.  Eventually he agreed it would be nice to go for a walk in the woods…


We saw a duck in a tree stump…




Or is it a rabbit?

And a fairy house…




The scenery is beautiful and the boys were very excited running through the trees so the only animals we saw were dogs as their shouting must have scared everything else off.




We spent an eventful (less than) two hours at Wepre Park and it is definitely our go-to place when we have a morning or afternoon to fill.

As I have already mentioned, I’m linking up with #CountryKids so please pop over and see where everyone else has been because there are some really brilliant places and ideas for having fun with your little ones in the great outdoors.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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26 responses to “#Countrykids at Wepre Park

  1. Ahh your pictures are beautiful. We always forget about Wepre despite it being literally 5 mins from our door. I’ve been a lot like that about blogging recently too for all sorts of reasons but I’ve got back into it again xxxxx

  2. They looked like they had a fab time!!! mess = fun #CountryKids

  3. Definitely a duck I can’t for the life of me see a rabbit no matter how hard I try. :-)

  4. Wepre Park looks like a wonderful place to visit. Seems everyone had fun and I love your photos. I’m sure a lot of people feel the same about blogging at one point or another. I guess you have to think about what you get out of it and why you blog. I’ve always thought I’ll continue blogging as long as I enjoy it :)

    • Yes, Wepre Park is a little gem. I do enjoy the blogging and interacting with other bloggers it’s just all the other stuff which goes with it I find difficult to fit in. As I mostly blog for myself or to raise awareness then I think the other stuff doesn’t really matter :)

  5. Mud and fairies – what more could you want on a walk? You’re blog is lovely so personally hope you feel you have your blogging mojo back.

  6. It can be difficult finding the time and motivation to blog can’t it? Glad you have found some inspiration! Looks like great fun squelching around in the mud!

  7. What a shame you are thinking of stopping blogging, but I can understand that it take up a lot of time but we will miss you on Country Kids. It looks like you had a lot of exciting fun whilst exploring. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    • Thanks Fiona, I think I’m going to take the pressure off and just blog when I’m in the mood. If it doesn’t get done, no big deal. I’ve had so much fun linking up with Country Kids and even if I do stop blogging completely, I will definitely still pop by and see where everyone has been exploring.

  8. jennypaulin

    duck def a duck!! you took some lovely autumnal photos and a muddy handprint is always a great sign of an enjoyable time spent outdoors :)
    i am so sorry you have not been feeling the blogging love – i know what you mean abotu it being time consuming. i hope you wotn stop forever though, maybe just step back and just blog when you ahve something to write about or when your moho returns – i hope it does x x x

  9. You can’t give up!!!!!! You were one of the first people to read my blog and your blog was one of the first I read!

  10. Wow that duck/rabbit stump is amazing! Beautiful photos xxx

  11. Oh that looks like a lovely place for a walk and some fun. Love your pictures…and I think that looks like a duck too!

  12. that just looks beautiful, great photos and sounds perfect for families. mud does cure a lot of ills ;-)

  13. Don’t you think of giving up blogging ever. Have a break if you wish, but how can you stop blogging? Fab photos

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