Mummy Mugshot #42 – Exploring Nature at Speke Hall

This week’s Mummy Mugshot is actually my first ‘Daddy Mugshot’.  I’ve been trying to organise the hundreds of photos I have on my phone to free up memory as it’s been running slowly lately.  As I was transferring the photos I noticed a distinct lack of Scatty Dad.  His shift work means that, until Spud starts school full time, we’ve been able to enjoy lots of outings together in the week but looking at our photograph collection, you would think it was just the boys and I.

On Friday we returned to National Trust property, Speke Hall in Liverpool.  We had a lovely time the first time we visited and the boys were looking forward to picking up their tracker packs and exploring the woods this time…


They were a bit too excited and noisy to see any birds, squirrels or rabbits but we saw rabbit droppings and heard plenty of birds making their escape before we thundered past. As usual we were on the hunt for ‘Seewocks’ (Ewoks) and ‘The Gruffalo’.  We didn’t see any of those elusive creatures but we did see a ‘Det Maus’ (Dead Mouse) well it was a beautiful little shrew actually and the boys were fascinated.  They don’t really understand death fully but Pooh Bear kept saying “Det Maus. Sad” with a serious, sad face every time anyone mentioned our walk in the woods…


We also found an empty bird’s egg, a hole (under Pooh Bear’s magnifying glass in the photo), lots of caterpillars and butterflies and so many gorgeous flowers.  Spud was amazed a butterfly landed on his “binocuglasses”.  Alas, Mummy was too slow taking a photograph before it fluttered away. 

Last time we visited we didn’t go into Speke Hall itself and just stuck to the sprawling gardens, but I read on the website that you can dress up in Victorian clothing in the Dairy.  Spud is obsessed with fancy dress and Pooh Bear is also getting in to it too.  In fact, they spent today as Batman and a Skeleton so were both keen to dive in the dressing up basket at Speke…


They were so excited with putting clothes on then changing into another outfit or two I found it really difficult getting a picture in focus!

We had a picnic for lunch on one of the many picnic tables. We really must get a decent picnic blanket for when the ground is wet.  The boys had so much fun on the playground they went in twice!


I’m really glad we decided to join The National Trust and as one of the closest properties to Chester, Speke Hall is fast becoming a favourite.  We’re off to Erddig before the Summer holidays are out so it won’t be long before our membership has paid for itself.

Oh, did you spot Scatty Dad by the way (modelling Snot the Zombie)?

He’s not keen on close ups but at least we’ve now got photographic evidence he joined us on our day out.

Here’s the idea behind Mummy (Daddy) Mugshot…’Introducing Mummy Mugshot‘ . If you would like to join in then please grab my badge and leave a comment with your link so I can add it to the body of this post.


Linking up with my favourite linky again this week Coombe Mill‘s #CountryKids. Great if you’re looking for inspiration on things to do and places to go befire school starts again in a few weeks.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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9 responses to “Mummy Mugshot #42 – Exploring Nature at Speke Hall

  1. Frances Alison Simcock

    This is lovely Kate xx


  2. fabfortymum

    Oh what fabulous pictures and it really does look like like a brilliant day out, with so much for them to see, do and experience. I love their fancy dress photo, his wee face hidden under that huge cap is fabulous x

  3. Great post – looks like a brilliant day out. I love the dressing up photo :) Poor det maus… I bet the boys were fascinated! #CountryKids

  4. This looks like a great place to visit with children, especially due to the woodland walks :-) I love your photos too! Popped over from #CountryKids

  5. Love the look of this. The National Trust have so much more to offer families these days. Funny how dressing up always appeals to children. We have a dress up day on the farm for the morning rides and the little ones love it. Always tickles me to see princess dresses in with the animals! Love the look of all the nature you found there too, it must be quite a big place. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  6. So many lovely nature finds. Maybe not so lovely for the mouse, but still interesting. Fun dressing up to. #CountryKids

  7. Looks like you had an amazing day of outdoor fun. Looks brilliant. x

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