Valentine’s Card with Cookie Cutter Surprise with some scrumptious Valentine’s Recipes

At Christmas I made a card which was a gift and card in one in Surprise Gift Christmas Card Tutorial.  The great thing about this idea is that you can adapt it to every occasion and with that in mind, I’ve hastily cobbled together my Valentine’s Day version.

The tutorial on my Christmas Card Design will give you the basic steps and you can add your own creativity to that and make your own designs.


Please excuse the not so fabulous font and design on this one but I wanted to get a post up before Valentine’s and have been busy with my little one this morning so he was drawing whilst I was cutting and sticking and he quite likes to ‘help’ Mummy out :D

If your Valentine isn’t into baking then why not bake a heart biscuit/cookie and hang that in the card instead.  This is what I will be doing for Scatty Dad as I can see the face he would pull in my head right now if I presented him with a cutter rather than something he can fill his face with.  The way to my Man’s heart is definitely through his stomach!

Here are some lovely Valentine’s Cookies/Biscuits which may or may not work with the card idea but they all looked so scrummy I had to add them ;) …

Maison Cupcake’s Love Heart Biscuits on Red Ted Art

Red Ted Art’s own Shortbread Hearts (Red and Chocolatey)

Domestic Goddesque’s Apple Heart Tarts and Jammy Dodger Hearts (these are the ones I was thinking of doing for Scatty Dad)

Quick and easy Sweetheart Shortbread from Mama Owl

Stained Glass Sugarcookies from Here Come the Girls

Home-baked Valentine’s Treats from The Gingerbread House

The Crazy Kitchen
has made Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich Hearts

Love Heart Jam Biscuit Baking with Chez Maximka

Life at the Zoo has so many delicious recipes (not all suitable for this card though)

Valentine’s Cookie Pops

Be My Valentine Biscuits (perfect for sharing)

Granola Hearts


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8 responses to “Valentine’s Card with Cookie Cutter Surprise with some scrumptious Valentine’s Recipes

  1. Awe lovely post. So nice to bake your own, isn’t it?! Thanks for the mentions!! x

  2. A lovely project. Not that my DH would know what to do with a cookie cutter. making a cup of coffee is the top of his culinary ambitions, lol

  3. Love that idea, might have to try baking something special for my other half :)

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