Pregnancy Diaries: When Life gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade

So I’m just over 14 weeks pregnant now and the twins (wow it feels strange typing that!) are the size of lemons.  We found out over a week ago that there are two little beings growing inside me and it’s only just sunk in.

Hubby has been obsessively tidying since the second we returned home from the scan and I was starting to get a bit worried about his state of mind. He has barely sat down on his days off and has taken ‘nesting’ to the next level!

Yesterday he commented on my bump for the first time and gave it a rub so I think he’s starting to get over the shock of going from a family of four to a family of six.

Apart from a new sling and a bigger bed, we hadn’t planned on spending any money on the new baby but we’ve already bought a double pram and a double stroller. I’m worried it’s a bit to soon but we can’t afford to buy everything later on and need to spread the cost.

The stroller was in the sale and I found a cheeky discount code giving me an extra £15 off and we’re picking the pram up over the weekend having bought it second hand through Gumtree.

All we really need now is a bigger car(!), another 0+ carseat and some more cloth nappies. We’ll probably need more clothes too but that can wait until closer to the time and when they arrive.

Keeping everything crossed that they don’t come early and poorly but we have lots of support from family to help out if that happens. It seems like we’ve got such a long way to go and I was hoping for a straight forward, low risk pregnancy like last time. Now I feel like I’ve been thrust into this whirlwind of extra appointments and uncertainty.

Just the thought of getting too big for clothes is worrying enough and finding shoes to fit if my feet swell as much or more than last time.

Thankfully these thoughts aren’t swamping me and come and go and when you disregard my anaemia symptoms, everything is good at the moment. I’m even sleeping better lately.

Just asked Pooh Bear what his current favourite names are…

‘Spikey, Spikey, Blankey’ and he’s letting Spud pick the other name.

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Pregnancy Diaries: TWO Peas in a Pod!!!!

***This post was written a couple of weeks ago before we were ready to share our pregnancy***

At thirteen weeks, ‘Bug’ is now the size of a pea pod and today (also April Fool’s Day) was the date of our dating scan. 

The scan clashed with Spud’s school assembly so I went on to the hospital and hubby was to follow on after the big performance.

The sonographer was lovely and I felt at ease straightaway as she started the scan.  Immediately an image flashed up. One large, white circle on one side and another circle on the other…

That got me thinking. A few seconds later it was very clear to see that there was not just ‘Bug’ wriggling about in there but another one too!

We’re having twins!


Now, I’ve been joking with hubby since before we even got pregnant that if we had a third pregnancy it might be twins and he wasn’t very keen on the idea since we already have two cheeky boys. He didn’t make it from school in time for the scan and I’d mentioned to the sonographer that he’d not believe me as we’d joked about it AND it was the first of April. The sonographer said if he needed to see the scan for himself, we could pop back in and have a look.

By this point, my hands were shaking as I waited for hubby to arrive to share the exciting news with him.

Longest wait ever!!!

I couldn’t phone anyone else to tell them until he knew so I waited impatiently in a bit of a daze.

Finally he came walking down the corridor and I took out the scan photos.

“Here’s one…”

I could see him scanning the photo furiously.

“Aaaand here’s the other”

It didn’t click.

I had to point out the writing on the top of the photos ‘TWIN1/2′.

Complete shock.

I don’t think it’ll sink in until they’re actually born. I’m glad we have a comfy sofa for me to spend feeding on for the first weeks after they’re born on. Hubby has been told he needs to feed me continously as I feed them ;) (Anyone know of any good cookery classes in Cheshire?)

They both look healthy so far and are good sizes hence me showing already and I can feel them floating about at times too.

The boys are extra excited that there’s two babies in Mummy’s tummy. Both of them have been singing songs to the babies.

Pooh Bear now has two names at the ready….

‘Chubby Legs’ and ‘Skinny Legs’!

So that’s it. Big news and everyone is actually doubly excited that there’s two!

Pooh Bear is now thinking ‘Chubby’ and ‘Leafy’ and is hoping for a boy and girl so he can have the boy and Spud the girl. I assume ‘Leafy’ is the girl’s name.

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Pregnancy Diaries : The Impending Dating Scan

***This post was written a few weeks ago before we were ready to share our pregnancy***

With both my previous pregnancies,  I’ve not really thought too much about the 12 week dating scan.  Of course there’s that moment when you’re sat, belly out, covered in jelly and the sonographer places the transducer (yes I Googled it) on your bump.  You hold your breath a little as they glide it over your uterus and then you are shown the heartbeat.  But apart from the excitement of a due date and checking how many are renting the space, I’ve not thought too much about it.

Until now.

In four days time we will see ‘Bug’ on the screen and hopefully all will be well.  I’ve mentioned previously that I’m in a different mindset this time and more cautious about this pregnancy but I won’t dwell on that for now.

So, we’re in a hotel ‘down South’ after a brilliant day making lovely memories with the boys at Legoland Windsor and for the second night running, I……Can’t……Sleep!

The pregnancy insomnia has well and truly kicked in.  Thankfully the sickness has pretty much gone and I’m already showing.  I can’t believe how big my bump is already.  I was about five months pregnant with Spud before I showed at all and I know I was bigger with Pooh Bear but it’s difficult to remember now.  After the scan I’ll try and take regular bump pictures as I didn’t do this at all with Spud and only took a few with Pooh Bear.

Pooh Bear now wants to call his sibling ‘Chubby’.

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Pregnancy Diaries: Breastfeeding and Pregnancy

Pooh Bear is four in a few weeks and I suppose he’s still breastfed.  I say suppose because it only happens, on average, every other day for a maximum of 30 seconds each time.

Often during pregnancy,  your supply will drop a few months in but as the supply of a natural-term breastfeeder is different to that of those with a younger child/baby who feeds regularly,  my supply seems to have dwindled sooner.

Pooh Bear is still able to get milk but I can’t get any by hand expressing.  Not one drop which wasn’t the case a few months ago.  I was able to express a few mls but no more than that anyway.

During pregnancy you can become more sensitive and breastfeeding can be uncomfortable where it wasn’t previously. It can also be a struggle mentally and nursing aversion is more common.  I have been limiting the time Pooh Bear feeds but he’s happy with a few seconds nowadays which is fine by me.  My milk will be super concentrated now so although he is only taking small amounts and won’t be benefiting as much as he has done in the past, he will be gaining some nutrition and immunological benefits.

His latch has been awful on occasion so I don’t think it would be long before he weaned naturally anyway.

It’s strange because my breasts are much fuller now but they are producing less milk than when they were smaller!  I wasn’t unhappy with the less plump versions but quite like my pregnant ones.  I think that until you can feel the baby move, all the other signs you’re harbouring a tiny person are comforting.  Yes, even the not so enjoyable signs.

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Pregnancy Diaries: The Size Of A Kumquat

***This post was written a few weeks ago before we were ready to share our pregnancy***

Yes, a kumquat. That well known, every day fruit here in the UK.  That’s how big ‘Bug’ is at 10 weeks.

Kumquats aren’t much bigger than grapes but it still astounds me how much ‘Bug’ has grown in just 7 days.

Morning sickness isn’t constant now as long as I keep eating ALL…..DAY……LONG.  Sounds like a minor irritation but I’m getting tired or having to eat constantly.  If I leave it a bit too long, the wretching starts.

I’ve actually started being sick now which only happened with Spud as my morning (read 24/7) sickness was coming to an end at four months so I’m hopeful it won’t be much longer before I can function more normally.

There’s definitely a bump showing now so although we wanted to keep ‘Bug’ under wraps until at least after the 20 week scan, we might be outed sooner than that as the weather improves.

After being apprehensive about something happening during this pregnancy I’ve started to relax a bit and trying not to worry unless there’s a reason to.

Pooh Bear is still set on calling baby Fluffy!

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