Pregnancy Diaries – A Belated Update at 26 weeks

Hello!!!! Yes, I’m still here and still blogging and still growing bigger and bigger by the day…




I think I’m almost bigger than I was at full-term with Pooh Bear as my belly button is usually a black hole when I’m not pregnant, then you can see the bottom during pregnancy and this time it’s almost popped right out!

As we’re having twins, scans are every four weeks from the 2o week scan and they check blood flow, fluid, growth etc to make sure they are doing well.  Thankfully, they are both doing really well.  They are actually measuring slightly larger than average so if they do arrive a little early at least they won’t be as teeny.

At the last scan, I asked if the sonographer could check for Vasa Praevia.  Until a couple of years ago it was a condition I’d not heard of before.  It basically means that the fetal blood vessels run over or very close to the cervix opening and so are at risk of being ruptured during labour as baby descends down the birth canal.  I had no clue when I had minor Placenta Praevia with Spud that I was at high risk of this complication and had bleeds during pregnancy which is one of the symptoms, and I’m almost 100% sure it wasn’t checked for.  This shocked me a bit.  Thankfully it wasn’t an issue for us but the fact I was now aware of it and although the only risk factor for us this time was that I’ve now had multiple pregnancies I didn’t want to take the risk.

To check for Vasa Praevia, the sonographer does a colour doppler which takes just a few minutes.  I was surprised how quick it was and sad that it isn’t checked for more routinely when there are other tests such as that for Down’s Syndrome which is routinely offered (which I have declined for each of my pregnancies) .  Undetected Vasa Praevia means baby will almost certainly bleed out during labour and if they survive, they are very poorly indeed.  If it’s detected, a C-Section eliminates the risk of the vessels being ruptured so I personally think that if a Mum is presenting with symptoms or in one of the high risk groups then she should be routinely scanned with the colour doppler.  You can find out more about this condition on the Vasa Praevia Awareness site.

Anyway, apart from an aching pelvis and the odd bout of heartburn, general fatigue and everything else which comes with harbouring little people in your womb, all is well.

One of the reasons I’ve not been blogging as frequently is that I’ve discovered CROCHET!  It’s a craft I’ve been meaning to have a go at for years but never gotten around to it.  My sister bought me a set of hooks and some wool for Christmas and I finally sat down to give it a go.  Youtube is a godsend.  My brain just can’t comprehend the different stitches in diagrams and letters but seeing them on Youtube is brilliant.  I’m at the point where I can read a pattern now thanks to the foundations set by watching videos.  Every spare moment I get I’m crocheting.  At the moment the project is a granny square blanket for Spud inspired byt the Youtube sensation Stampy Cat.






The bear hat took less than an hour, the pixie hat even less time and the booties took a bit longer and the fact my tension was a lot looser on the second one means I need to re-do it or find a baby with different sized feet!

The pixie hats are for the twins and give a little clue about what sex they might be.  Pooh Bear thinks “They might ‘av’ got it wrong Mummy” because he only got half of what he was hoping for and everyone keeps asking if it is actually two girls so we’re going to ask them to check at the next scan.  I’ll write my thoughts down on having girls and twin girls at that in another post rather than waffle on here much longer.

Looks like I’m going to have to think of a new name for the blog!


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Geronimo Festival 2015, Guest Post Review

You will have seen from my previous postFacebook and Twitter profiles that we were lucky enough to attend the very first Geronimo Festival this weekend.  Unfortunately I am too pregnant with the twins and finding mobility an issue so missed out on all the fun when Granny and Aunty Belly took the boys along instead.  Thank you Aunty Belly for the following (very thorough) review of the day…

On Saturday morning Granny picked me (Aunty Belly) and the boys up and we headed to Tatton Park for the very first Geronimo Festival. As we got closer to the venue we were worried we had gone to the wrong place as we couldn’t see any signs.  It was only once we’d paid for our parking that we finally saw our first sign. For anyone who might not know the area I think some signs near the venue might be helpful.


We wanted to be sure we were there for when the gates opened as we didn’t want the boys to miss out on anything they wanted to do.  We got to the festival site, parked up and had a bit of a picnic snack well before the 10am opening time. Helpfully there were some portaloos in the car park so if you had had a long journey and were bursting to spend a penny you didn’t have to wait until the festival opened. Right next to the festival entrance there is a really good play area and the boys were able to stretch their legs from the journey before we headed to the queue to get in.

We were lucky enough to have VIP tickets which allowed us to use the special VIP/Fast Track entrance which had a slightly smaller queue than the main entrance. Unfortunately, there was a delay in letting people in.  The boys did start to get a bit bored and there were a few comments from fellow queuers that it had gone 10am and neither queue had started moving yet. We don’t know what the delay was but you can expect some teething problems on the very first day of a brand new event and by 10:10am we were in.

We headed straight to the VIP area to collect our lanyard which included a map and the times of each stage show and ‘Meet and Greet’ session.


Having all the festival information on a lanyard was very handy as you didn’t have to keep going in and out of a bag or pocket to see what was going on and you didn’t have to worry about losing it. Granny and I did struggle a little with seeing what was where on the map as the locations of each activity were numbered on the map but the numbers were on the opposite side of the card so you had to keep flipping it over but we got there in the end.

We asked the boys which people they wanted to Meet and Greet and decided to plan the day around this.  Each person was only doing one session a day and we didn’t want them to miss out, they definitely wanted to meet Mr Bloom and Cook & Line from Swashbuckle.

The first thing the boys wanted to do was go to the Lego tent, this was a joint tent with the Sealife Centre.  Unfortunately, they weren’t quite ready for visitors so we had to convince the boys that we would definitely come back later. Spud was still a little grumpy about the Lego when we came across some comfy looking hammocks.


They boys decided they looked like fun and so we threw them in one each and they absolutely loved swinging in them and hiding from everyone.  I think if we’d have let them they’d have stayed in them all day! It took a lot of convincing to get them out and I even had a go myself. The man running the area (who was dressed in a rather fetching tiger suit) was extremely friendly and it was a great start to the day.

We came across the We Are Adventurers stand next which was great as both boys were keen to do some den building.  A lovely man, who I think was called Ben, took the boys into the wood to help them build a den and as we were their first visitors of the day he suggested Granny and I might like to see if we could build a better one! Helpfully there were lots of piles of sticks and branches, ferns and leaves, perfect for den building and in no time we had two dens up.


In all honesty the boys had done slightly better than Granny and I and if we had been stranded in the woods overnight I think I’d have been knocking at their door for some shelter, particularly as they had added some home comforts with a leaf carpet, a garden and an outdoor seating area! The We Are Adventurers people were knowledgeable and friendly and even showed the boys a couple of different ways to construct a fire.

We stayed in the trees and went on a bear hunt. The boys were given a pair of binoculars each and a sheet with riddles which led to items hidden in the woods and had to write the answer to each one on the sheet to get a prize at the end of the hunt. Granny helped Pooh Bear with his writing but Spud was able to get all of the answers and write them on his sheet (with a bit of help with the spelling).


With the hunt complete the boys went to collect their prize and were allowed to choose from a selection of healthy snacks which they proceeded to chomp on as we made our way to the ‘Inflatable Village’. This was a line of a variety of different bouncy castles and the boys both had great fun bouncy around for a bit.

It was then time to head back to the VIP lounge to meet Mr Bloom. I have to confess that as I have no children of my own I had no idea who Mr Bloom was or what he did, all I knew was that he had veggies! They boys queued up and it was quickly their turn to meet him and he was an absolute delight. He asked both Spud and Pooh Bear what their names were and what vegetables they liked, then posed and shouted ‘Pot-tay-toes’ and I quickly sent the photo over to mummy who had been eager for the boys to meet Mr Bloom (as so many of the mums were!)


Spud was very anxious that we head back to the inflatable Lego/Sealife igloo to make sure he didn’t miss out and thankfully this time it was up and running. Although the two companies were in the same area and we spent a considerable amount of time there (including a further visit in the afternoon) were didn’t actually see anyone from the Sealife Centre so we don’t know what the boys might’ve been able to do with them. The Lego people were great, there were tables full of Lego to play with and as the temperature outside was rising and the igloo was pretty cool Granny and I took the opportunity to have a little rest while the boys played. I know for a fact the boys have mountains of Lego at home but they just wouldn’t be torn away from all the building that had to be done so while they were making picture tiles with a very lovely and knowledgable Master Builder, Granny headed back to the car to get our picnic.


The great thing about Geronimofest is that once you are in, everything apart from food is free! Another fantastic thing is that you can take your own food and drink in with you, we didn’t want to be carrying our food around with us all day and thankfully the car park was only a short walk from the entrance so it was easy to pop back and get our cool bag. Wanting to do a thorough review I thought I should check out what food was available and there was a great selection. Fishfingers, noodles, Portuguese food, hot dogs, mac and cheese, street food, wood fired pizzas (which I have had at another festival and they are scrumptious!), curry, Portuguese cuisine, chips and dips and churros.


I think even a fussy eater would be able to find something tasty to eat and with prices around £5 it wasn’t too expensive. For those not driving there were also a couple of bars so you could relax in the sun with a refreshing pint or G&T. There were also ice cream vans, frozen yoghurt stalls and soft drinks stands so all your refreshment requirements were taken care off. I hate being thirsty and so had taken a bottle of water in my bag with me, I was delighted to find that in the middle of the festival there was a ‘Water Point’ where I could refill my bottle with drinking water.

Lunch time coincided nicely with Mr Bloom and Swashbuckle on stage. We sat down on our picnic blanket a little distance from the stage and whilst we were able to hear everything that was going on, unfortunately we couldn’t see everything. We were close enough to be able to see but too many people were standing at the front making it difficult for little ones to see even if they were nearer to the front.  We were able to get close to the railings at the front ready for Swashbuckle but there were some older children standing on the railings so they still struggled to see until some people left and they were able to scooch forward. It would have been great to have had the children at the front sitting down since Cbeebies is most popular with smaller children so everyone could see nicely.  The boys absolutely loved Cook and Line, they thought they were hilarious and loved singing along and doing the pirate salute. Having never watched Swashbuckle I didn’t know what to expect and have to say I was very pleasantly surprised, I really enjoyed the show and they even had me giggling (as I hid behind Pooh Bear from the water gun!).

Cook and Line headed straight to the VIP Meet and Greet after the show and were fantastic with the boys.


Asking their names and talking about their t-shirts (Spud had a Harry Potter Lego t-shirt on and Pooh Bear was wearing a dinosaur top), I think Spud was a little star struck meeting them, particularly since they said that Lego, Harry Potter and pirates were the three coolest things ever and he must be super cool! Pooh Bear had come over all shy as well so the photo might not be the best but Spud was ever so chuffed with the whole experience.

We then decided to go over to the Funky Junk Zone to do some arty bits, this is something Pooh Bear had been looking forward to and the tent provided some much needed shelter from the sun after being outside watching the stage.  The first craft they boys wanted to do was decorating ducks with sticky jewels. The lady running the area could see I was clearly itching to have a go myself and said that adults were more than welcome to chose their own duck to decorate. The activity was super simple but thoroughly enjoyable and it was great to be able to join in and have my own duck to take home.


With our ducks looking dapper Pooh Bear led us over to the next craft of butterfly masks. These were paper masks shaped like butterflies for the boys to decorate with pens, sequins, glitter, pipe cleaners, pom poms and streamers. They had a great time letting their creativity flow.

The Funky Junk Zone was also where the kids cooking class was, this was something Spud had wanted to try out but unfortunately we were in the middle of the masks when the next class started filling up and we didn’t manage to find time to come back to it later on. Fortunately Spud was so busy doing other activities that he wasn’t too bothered that he missed out on the cooking.

When it came to loo breaks, there was one block of toilets at the festival which was plenty as there never seemed to be a big queue.  They were well stocked with paper and hand sanitiser as well. The only thing I would say is that it would be good if the toilets were a little more spaced out, the loos were a bit of a walk from the woods and the inflatable village, especially for little legs that might’ve left it to the last minute to go.

Another thing that Pooh Bear had really wanted to do was the Pig.  This was a large pink mummy pig with a snuffling snout and blinking eyes and it looked pretty cool from the outside.


Spud didn’t agree and so didn’t want to queue up for it, preferring to go back to the Lego igloo to construct a massive Lego wall! As I went with Spud I’m not entirely sure what happened at the Pig, I know that it was for children and adults and there were shows every 10/15 minutes with 10 people being able to go at a time. Each person was given a pig tail to wear and put their heads through holes at the side of the pig so from the outside it looked like they were little piglets having a drink! Whatever happened in the Pig, Pooh Bear really enjoyed it and he would recommend it to everyone.

After dragging Spud from the Lego once again we had a quick walk around the market area, this had a range of stalls where you could buy t-shirts, sweets, bread, cakes, jewellery and many other things. You can also buy Geronimofest merchandise, we checked out the prices and it was very reasonable, £5 for a t-shirt, £3 for a programme (in the same style as the VIP lanyard) and £5 for a picnic blanket which Granny and I both thought was great value.

By this time the weather had become pretty hot and the boys were in need of refreshment. The two ice cream vans on site both had pretty long queues so we sought an alternative in some frozen yoghurt which the boys thought was delicious and we found a lovely spot of grass in the Circus Zone and watched some very talented performers doing tightrope walking and gymnastics. In this zone you can also do circus skills and there is a Big Top where at certain times throughout the day there are circus shows. With the boys having been to the circus before they decided they would rather do other activities on offer but from what we did see of the performers, it was sure to have been a great show.


With the boys enjoying their fro-yo I took the opportunity to have a look at the nearby BMX show. The riders were very talented and as it was the last show of the day for them they were a little more daring than they had been throughout the day (so they said), the man who was talking through the stunts was informative and pretty funny as well.

The boys had really been looking forward to going to the nets in the trees, Monkey Do. We headed over there and were dismayed to be told by one of the event people that unless we had booked a session the boys wouldn’t be able to have a go.  They could however go on one small net but not the main course in the trees. Granny and I were a little miffed about this because we hadn’t once been told that you had to book for this and couldn’t see it anywhere on the timetable of activities, it just listed the session times. The boys were understandably disappointed but were thrilled to be able to go on the small net however this quickly got crowded and we had to convince them to come off it so there was room for other people to have a go. If we had been told at the start of the day or there had been announcements about booking sessions we would have been able to avoid the boys having to miss out on an activity they had really wanted to do.image

Spud is quite an accomplished bike rider for his age and so we popped over to see the guys at who had a bit of a cross country course set up. They fitted him with a suitable bike and helmet and he went off around the course, one of the men ran around with him to make sure he was ok and didn’t fall off but by the second lap he realised Spud didn’t need him and so he went off on his own. Not wanting Pooh Bear to miss out we had planned to take him to the balance bike course next door, however a very lovely man (who’s name I unfortunately can’t remember) said he would take Pooh Bear around on a big boy bike, holding him up so he could do the same course as his brother. Both the boys had beaming smiles after their rides and all credit to the men running the course for being so friendly and accommodating.image

Seeing the ice cream queues had died down we sent Granny to get the cones in while we went to queue for the Helter Skelter. All day the queue had been pretty big and the boys had wanted to go on it but as they tend to get bored queuing we had put it off all day. With our ice creams to keep us occupied we figured it was the best time to get in the queue and we couldn’t have picked a better time as two fantastic circus performers and taken it upon themselves to entertain those waiting in the long line with some slapstick performance which was great.


We were at the front of the queue in what seemed like no time at all and when we reached the top of the tower we were treated to a great view of the whole festival site.

image It was about 4pm by now and so we checked the map to see what we hadn’t been to yet, only to realise we’d missed out the whole ‘Pasture’! This was where all the animals were. We made our way over there via the seating area, this is an excellent idea, a place with sofas and armchairs for weary parents to sit down and relax or eat your lunch. There was also a piano and the boys enjoyed a quick tinkle on the old ivories on our way through.

The next activity was a donkey ride, Pooh Bear was eager to do this however Spud was having a bit of a teenage, too cool moment, we persuaded Spud to have a go and I’m glad we did  because both boys absolutely loved the short ride on Andy and Dennis. image

Carrying on with the animal theme we headed over to Ranger Rob, this is a company who do birthday parties, animal therapy and petting zoos and was possibly my favourite part of the day. When we arrived at the tent there was a man with a huge snake, giving everyone a turn to have it around their neck and stroke it, both boys were pretty impressed with it.


There was another man who was holding a gecko and again both boys were able to hold this, Spud was thrilled when it jumped from his hand onto his chest and was surprised to find that the gecko’s hands and feet were quite sticky. There were a range of different reptiles and creepy crawlies, snakes, chameleons, frogs, spiders and some even Granny and I had never heard of. The man went through them all, holding them up so everyone could see and telling you lots of interesting facts about them. The creatures all look very well cared for and the men were extremely knowledgeable about each one and I am now seriously considering booking them for my next birthday party, never mind the nephews! Not content with having held a giant snake, we made our way to the Tatton Park stand where there were some extremely cute chicks and ducklings. The boys couldn’t wait to hold a fluffy chick.

We were all getting a bit weary by now and the day was drawing to an end. At 4:30pm there was a parade scheduled, we weren’t sure where it would be but presumed it would go along the path that cuts through the middle of the festival site, which it did.  As we walked over we heard music and drums and could see a couple of dancers, there were event staff handing out flags to everyone ready to wave in the parade. We weren’t sure what to expect but to be honest it wasn’t quite as exciting as we were expecting. There was a large colourful bird followed by three dancers and some musicians and later on some ladies dressed as butterflies joined in but it wasn’t enough to keep the boys happy standing still! 

With everything winding up we popped to the Heart FM people for a quick photo in their giant deckchair and then went back to the hammocks to finish the festival as we started. This time the boys went in one hammock together and once again they had a whale of a time.

We weren’t in a rush to get home but if even if we had been we didn’t see huge queues of cars waiting to leave, although I think the weather probably helped with this. Despite all of the walking they’d done during the day the boys still had enough energy for a second go on the playground and we had to catch them before we could get them into the car to go home! Getting out of the car park was no problem and within minutes Pooh Bear was fast asleep and Spud wasn’t far behind him. If Granny hadn’t been driving I think she might’ve joined them too!

It was a great day and we did so many different activities but there were some we either didn’t have time for or the boys weren’t bothered about doing or didn’t want to queue up for. If we had had more time they could’ve done a high ropes course and zipline, Spud showed an interest in this but when we showed him the queue he changed his mind and the queue for this was pretty big all day. There was also a bike obstacle course but having had a look we thought both boys were a bit too small for any of the bikes they had. As I’ve said, it was disappointing the boys missed out on Monkey Do because we didn’t know that there was a booking system. The Circus I’m sure would’ve been fantastic and if we hadn’t been so lucky with the weather we might’ve sought shelter from the rain in the Big Top. There were a couple of crafts we didn’t do, the cooking and some drawing and there was also an area where you could play with Brio trains. Throughout the day we saw some spectacular creations from PifPaf riding festivalgoers up and down the path we saw Elsa, Alice and Cinderella walking around meeting people (I did ask Spud if he wanted his photo taken with them, he looked at me like I was stupid!). You could also spend more time at the stage area, we only watched two acts around lunch time as the boys generally like to be doing things but you could easily spend more time there. We didn’t visit the Groovy Zone at all, this is where there are dance and music classes, including Zumba sessions.  I did ask the boys if they wanted to have a go but it’s not something they were interested in. This just goes to show that there is something for everyone at the festival and there is a great range of activities. There is also a 3ft and Under Zone for smaller children, as the boys are older we didn’t visit this area but I do know there was baby ballet, yoga and massage along with some play areas. One thing the boys had really wanted to do was tree climbing as they love climbing the tree at Grannys house, on the website ‘Big Tree Climbing’ with ropes and harnesses is advertised but we weren’t able to find this on the day.


Photos from Yesterday's Post

We would thoroughly recommend Geronimofest, Spud is almost six and Pooh Bear is four which I think are great ages for the festival and will be for a couple of years. There is also plenty to keep younger children occupied as well. If you are going to go to Geronimofest we would like to give you our top tips to make the most of your day out:

  • get there for when it opens, kids can play on the playground if you’re early and you’ll need the whole day to get in as many activities as you can
  • check out the website and have a list of your top activities to do/acts to watch or meet in your head for when you get there, that way you can check whether any are at certain times and you can plan your day around those
  • check if any activities need to be booked so you don’t miss out
  • take a water bottle with you, you can refill it for free throughout the day at the water point
  • If you don’t have a buggy to put everything on, take a back pack to carry any creations you make during the day
  • be prepared to walk, although the site is not particularly large you will probably walk around quite a bit so wear comfy shoes
  • go to the loo before heading to the inflatable village or to the woods as it is a bit of a walk for little legs

From what I’ve been told by the boys, Aunty Belly and Granny Geronimo was good value for money. You don’t need to spend anything once there apart from the £5 parking fee. If you take a family of four to the local fun fair you can easily spend £50 in a few hours and Geronimo is a full day affair.  Despite the activities they weren’t able to do, they still had a really busy day so it would be great to be able to buy a weekend ticket and we live close enough for this to be viable without paying for accommodation.

Please pop over to the Geronimo website to find out more about all the wonderful companies who entertained the boys so well throughout the day. It’s a good idea to follow Geronimo on Facebook and Twitter too so you’ll be first to hear about earlybird tickets and all the acts and activities for next year.

***Disclosure*** We were given a family VIP ticket to Geronimofest on Saturday 23rd May in order to review the event. As always this review reflects our honest opinions***

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Geronimo Festival 2015

We were ecstatic to be asked to review the very first Geronimo Festival this weekend and it was the perfect start to the half term holidays for the boys.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend personally so Granny and Aunty Belly stepped into the breach (they didn’t take much persuading) to take the boys to Tatton Park for a day filled with fun.

This post is just to show you in photos some of the many activities they enjoyed yesterday (the festival is on today, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday) and Aunty Belly has kindly agreed to write up a more detailed post with more photos over the next few days.


The great thing about Geronimo Festival for us is that it’s less than an hour’s drive.


You know when you get that feeling……is someone watching me?


Den building is always a must!


As is a spot of bear hunting.


The boys have previously declined donkey rides but they REALLY enjoyed their first ever ride.


Pooh Bear enjoyed being a little piggy complete with tail!


Bike riding through the woods is just perfect for little adventurers.


This lively little gecko fascinated the boys from the Ranger Rob tent (more pics to follow)


It wouldn’t be a day in the week containing the letter ‘Y’ if the boys didn’t get busy with some LEGO




Plenty of crafts to keep everyone busy too.


Here’s one for the ladies (my personal facebook feed was all of a flutter when I posted this photo)


PicsArt_1432379244780 (1)

And the boys loved watching Cook and Line of CBeebies’ Swashbuckle on the stage before meeting them in the flesh.

PicsArt_1432393471042 (1)

After all that (and more so keep an eye out for my next post) you really do need a bit of a sit down…


And a lounge about…

PicsArt_1432373924311 (1)


Soooo many photos and so much to do in such a short time.  I expected they would return home shortly after five but they didn’t leave until gone six by the time they’d finished off their picnic and had another go on the playground.


★ Take a water bottle as you can refill it throughout the day.

★ Book a time on the Monkey Do climbing nets when you get there although we’re not sure how you do this but will find out. (You can still have fun on the smaller nets as the boys did)

★ Plan your day around the celebrity meet and greets you definitely want to see and acts on the stage as the children (and adults) love them.

★ Before you head to the trees, nip to the loo as it’s quite a walk back from there for little ones.

Love how happy the boys look in the photos and they were very tired when they came home but full of stories of all the things they’d enjoyed.  Aunty Belly will go into more detail on what they thought of the very first Geronimo and we really hope it won’t be the last!

Don’t forget, you can still book tickets online and pay on the gate for Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday (24th and 25th May 2015)

***Disclosure*** We were given family VIP tickets to Geronimo Festival for Saturday 23rd May 2015 in order to review the event. As always, reviews reflect our honest opinions.

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Theraline Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow #Review


At almost twenty weeks pregnant with twins, I’ve been finding sleeping comfortably difficult for weeks now. With my pelvis being affected by the hormones and probably the fact my bump is growing rapidly, having a pillow between my knees has been necessary from early on.

Now, I can’t lie down for any length of time without waking up with aches and pains. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been having to sleep sat upright. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you’ll know how excited I was to be reviewing the Theraline Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow.


The pillow is filled with beads but isn’t jam-packed with them so it allows you to get yourself comfortable and support the parts of your body you need to.  The first night I tried the pillow I was watching tv on the sofa and used the entire length of the pillow.  I plumped it and squished it until there were less beads by my head and under my stomach and more between my knees making it just right.

You can also fold it in half and have more space between your legs if that’s how you feel most comfortable.  I tend to use it slightly differently each time depending on where I’m aching that day.



Most nights I have had it in an upside down V behind me as I sleep sat up.  This means the long sides are full of beads and stop you from sliding to one side as you sleep and the tip of the V is softer with less beads at the nape of your neck.

Usually you will probably need a maternity pillow during your third trimester but as I’m carrying twins, at twenty weeks I am now the size I was at at least 30 weeks in the past already!



It’s not just me who likes the pillow.  I’ve woken up to find Pooh Bear snuggled up at the end of it when I’ve been lying down to sleep and have had to keep it away from the boys as it makes quite a good weapon! (It is not a toy and it is not recommended that children use it as such or that smaller children and babies are left alone with it)

I also don’t want it covered in what ever they are eating or have just eaten which is one of the reasons I’ve kept it away from hubby too ;)  He already uses a pillow to hug to sleep so I know once he tries it out, I’ll be hunting for it each night before I go to bed.  The cover is easily removed and washed so it’s not too big a deal but I’d rather keep it nice until I don’t need to use it quite so much and my sense of smell is still supersonic so I don’t want stinky food aromas annoying me as I try to fall asleep.

At least I know it will still be used once I don’t need it at night


Something which is important to me when it comes to buying products to use during pregnancy and child rearing is the longevity of the product. Can and will I use it in five years time? Sometimes a product is so useful during that short period that it is worth the investment or you can sell it on or give it away. Others, like the Theraline Pillow, do have more than one use and I can see us using it long term.

You can use it as a laptop pillow and I’ve been using it whilst crocheting.  Theraline also recommend that it be used for breastfeeding.  As a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter I err on the side of caution when using a pillow as an aide to breastfeeding.  I would recommend that if you want to use a pillow whilst nursing that you latch baby on first then arrange your pillow for extra support.  This is so that the pillow isn’t interfering with latching on and position and attachment and also so you don’t get too dependent on using a pillow and find you aren’t able to feed out and about without carting a pillow around with you.

Now, I’m expecting twins and I will need to use a pillow at first because I can’t physically hold two little ones in a sustainable position at the same time.  I have lots of great support through volunteering myself so I’m not sure exactly how it works and it will depend on each baby too.  Once we get the hang of it, I’ll be writing a review on this pillow as a nursing pillow for twins and will probably take it to my local support group to have a practice before the twins arrive too.



***Disclosure***  We were sent the Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow in order to write a review.  As always, the views and opinions expressed are honest and unbiased.

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Bug Observatory and Research Centre Review

The last few days the weather has been glorious so when we were contacted to review the Bug Observatory Dome and Bug Research Centre from Tobar, we couldn’t wait to explore in the sunshine.


Our garden is quite bare.  We have a cherry tree, a couple of bushes and a lawn but no hedges or rocks or particularly bug-friendly areas.  We need to make a bug hotel or something similar to encourage more.   Having said that, we’ve seen three types of caterpillars have regular visits from ants, ladybirds, lots of butterflies and beetles and slugs and snails.

We had quite a productive hunt finding…

a six-legged Spider who seemed to be doing well despite the lack of limbs on one side…

a Two Spot Ladybird…

a Waterlouse (Woodlouse to you and me)…

and a Beetle (can you spot him hanging around in the research centre below?).


The Research Centre comes with large tweezers which would be good for collecting worms and slugs but I was a bit worried about the boys squashing their subjects before studying them.  Spud did catch the woodlouse very gently with the tweezers though but I helped with the other creatures and they were easy enough to coax into the magnifying pot.

It was great being able to see the bugs up close especially their undersides which you don’t necessarily see usually.


The clear plastic funnel of the Research Centre comes off the green bottom completely meaning you can re-release the bugs with ease but it took a bit more effort getting the ladybird out of the Observatory.   It made itself very comfy and I had to gently knock it off the side with a pencil before tipping it out of the sliding door.

We had a lovely time looking for and studying the bugs and will be taking our the magnifying glass and pot out into the field in the future. A bug hunt is such a lovely way to keep little (and bigger) ones busy and it’s educational too. It’s something you can do on a whim whatever the weather (although I’m a fairweather hunter) and especially on those days when you don’t know what to do to keep everyone entertained. Next time we’re going to do some observational bug drawings.

I’d have liked to have included some photos of the boys in action but they refused to get dressed and were only wearing underpants that day!  We’ve had a few days like that lately.  Well there are no rules about being dressed to hunt for bugs!

Happy to be finally linking up again with Coombe Mill’s Country Kids this week.  Morning sickness and fatigue have meant we’ve not been beyond our own garden in the sunshine for a while now.  Please pop over and see what else people have been getting up to in this gorgeous sunny weather.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



****Disclaimer****  We were sent the Observatory Dome and Research Centre for the purposes of this review and as always, our views and opinions are expressed honestly.


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